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Homework Projects and Home Reading 2021

Homework Projects

Each term students are given a project to complete as part of their homework. Each project has a rubric attached. We strongly encourage parents to work with their children to ensure these are completed on time.

On the side menu bar click on the current term to view or download a project.

Home Reading

Home Reader Sheet

To download a copy of the Home Reader Recording Sheet, click on the below.

Home Reader Recording Sheet 2021

To help your child succeed in reading, they must read every day.

Our home reading program is a way to encourage your child to read.

The program is most effective when you or another interested adult listens to your child read and asks questions about what has been read. This greatly assists the development of fluency and comprehension.


We appreciate your support as together we can make a difference to your child’s reading progress.


The Program

To obtain a certificate your child needs to read for 25 nights.  They will progress through the program in the following order

  • Bronze Award = 25 nights reading
  • Silver Award  = 50 nights reading
  • Gold Award = 75 nights reading
  • Double Bronze Award = 100 nights reading
  • Double Silver Award = 125 nights reading
  • Double Gold Award = 150 nights reading
  • Royal Amethyst Award = 200 nights reading
  • Double Royal Amethyst Award = 250 nights reading
  • Opal Award = 300 nights reading