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Green for getting along mufti day

Five YCDI keys

At Morisset Public School our School Vision is that every child is known, valued and cared for while being encouraged and supported to become self-motivated, confident and resilient learners. We maintain strong connections with our whole school community; promoting a culture of high expectations and shared responsibility for student success and well-being.

To support this we have incorporated a social and emotional learning program known as ‘You Can Do It’ (YCDI) as part of our PDHPE curriculum.

YCDI’s main purpose is to support communities, schools, and homes in a collective effort to optimise the social, emotional, and academic outcomes of all young people. Its unique contribution is in identifying the social and emotional capabilities that all young people need to acquire in order to be successful in school, experience wellbeing, and have positive relationships including making contributions to others and the community. The focus is on building positive student capacity. There are high expectations for achievement and behavior; involving young people in decision-making and providing them with special responsibility, and most importantly, communicating and modeling of social and emotional capabilities by school staff and families at home, including values and resilience.

These are 5 YCDI keys that are the foundations of the YCDI program. Each week (6-10) we will be highlighting a key with a mufti day:

  • Week 2 - Resilience
  • Week 4 - Organisation
  • Week 6 - Confidence
  • Week 8 - Getting Along
  • Week 10 - Persistence